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Yoann Lopez • Hi guys! Glad to be part of this community I'm Yoann Lopez, currently the CMO of comet (, but also, and most importantly for this community, running Snowball, a newsletter about personal finances and investments (in).

My vision regarding snowball is to (i) democratize personal finances in France, (ii) build products around this community, and (iii) have a positive impact on a larger scale than just my community. For those interested you can read more about Snowball here --> See you around

Rosie Sherry • I love building communities • Leads community @indiehackers • I write at • Previously founded @ministryoftest

Niklas Lohmann Hi! Good to be here! ****I am Niklas Lohmann, co-founder at haaartland a Scandinavian built community platform. Personally I am very interested in the democratisation of capitalism and the freedom creation inherent in the passion economy. A bit about our platform: it has multiple pages (think slack channels), full social feed (like LinkedIn, Facebook), messenger (think slack again :visage_légèrement_souriant:) + video calling + landing pages for your community. Anybody got an idea for a community I am here :visage_légèrement_souriant: to bounce ideas! Cheers!

Alexis Kovalenko • Alexis is a French tech geek passionate about building projects with and without code. After discovering the wonderful world of the Internet in 1997 and building his first websites around that time, he embraced a career in the tech industry as a programmer and then CTO of several startups. He co-founded a web agency called in 2015. Now is he the co-founder of >Contournement> a company which help entrepreneurs learning how to leverage no-code tools to bootstrap their projects. Contournement build a community of more than 500 members.

Anne-Laure Lecunff • Anne-Laure is the founder of Ness Labs a platform to help knowledge workers to better think thanks to neuro-sciences. 12000 Subscribers + a paid community of 300 members.

Marie Dollé • Marie is a Digital Strategist with a passion for digital knowledge and spotting emerging game-changers. She works @ BPI and launched yesterday her second issue on substack of her newsletter In Bed with Tech. Congrats ;-) She has laser-eyes on how things move in Tech and she digs the web to nurture her own Digital Garden.

Benjamin Perrin • Benjamin is the author of Plumes With Attitude: a French newsletter on the benefits of writing and reading. In April 2020, he launched Black Swans Collection, a paid publication that showcases his thought-provoking essays and high-end curation to stimulate your brain... for the sake of it!

Raphaël Grieco • Raph is a self starter and finds his drive and purpose in connecting the right people together through innovative contents. He is the founder of UPCOMINGVC® which helps aspiring VC and startups understand the VC methods through gamification and immersive contents, both physical and digital. He is also the meet-up lead organizer of Product Hunt in Switzerland, President of La French Tech in Western Switzerland. podcasts host (Runway Series) and tech correspondant (Frenchweb).

Alexis Ménard • Alexis work as VC @ Go Capital, one of the biggest investment structure in west french region. He launched few month ago the podcast Equity 101 about the 101 basis about Equity when you are entrepreneur or just interrested in the field. Alexis moved few days ago on Substack for his podcast newsletter and he looks to be inspired by like minded fellows to imagine the next step of his show. Alexis is clearly a top educated expert on everything turning around Tech and business modeling. He is Father of 2 and live in Tours, France